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The Evil Mouse strikes back and is spreading sadness everywhere it goes ! Only Supercat can stop it, he fights sorrow with the power of love !

It’s in Dogs Park that it chooses to hit this time and transformed it in a gloomy world...
It is up to Supercat to achieve to give back Dogs Park its glory and put the Evil Mouse behind bars !

Move, shoot, protect yourself from the sad dogs tears and dodge the various level obstacles ! Give the dogs some love to cheer them and earn some point.
The cutest race ever await you in the most delirious parcs. Gotta catch the most adorable nemesis : the Evil Mouse !

Commands :

  • Mouse : move
  • Left click : shoot
  • Right click : shield

Credits :

  • Benoît Deneaux
  • Charlotte Fries
  • Rémi Jallageas
  • Zoé Lemaitre
  • Alexandre Zandecki


Cute_em_up.zip 14 MB

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