A downloadable game for Windows

Fight huge bosses by using telekinesis skills !

Learn their different attacks to defeat them !

Upgrade your abilities and become stronger !

Project made in 8 weeks that had to respect the artistic direction & the universe created by concept artists students and include the 3D assets made by 3D students.

Game developers :

  • Angevin Nathanael
  • Bressaud Mathis
  • Fries Charlotte
  • Kadri Alexandre
  • Morel Charlie
  • Sigaud Erwann

Concept artists : 

  • Marie-Bérénice Forsans
  • Valentin Auboiron
  • Chiara Dambrosio
  • Vy-Kim Nguyen
  • Lucas Taillefesse

3D artists :

  • Lucas Margoliet
  • Audrey Savany
  • Valentin Viennot
  • Lucie Bourrée-Martin
  • Alexandre Cadinot
  • Jennyfer Delle Monache 
  •  Camille Dubois 
  •  Antoine Fayelle 
  •  Robin Glasson 
  •  Guillaume Perrot 
  •  Lilian Robert
  • Marie Serrano
  • Hugo Teixeira
  • Matthieu Wittersheim

Animators :

  • Ludivine Loyez
  • Gaëlle Roche
  • Maria Camila Romero
  • Nathanaël Zuccone


eveR.zip 141 MB


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I really love a lot of the ideas here, the ammo, melee, and ranged attacks, and the visual designs are fantastic! Though I have to say that first boss really is a trial by fire. The later stages were rough in the way the attacks stack on top of each other. I didn't end up winning, but I left some feedback, hope it helps!

Hey !

Thank you for playing our games !

We are happy that you like these aspects and your feedback are welcome :) 

The first boss is really about aoe stacking but it's probably too much ^^

You can try the other bosses by using the cheatcodes in the .txt file if necessary

Nice video tho love your avatar